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What we treat 


We are able to assess and treat your child in the home environment.  We have experience in treating children with joint hypermobility and other musculoskeletal disorders, including gait abnormalities and rheumatic conditions.


Childhood development is a complex process with babies achieving their milestones at different stages.  There is a wide variation in "normal" development and this can sometimes cause stress and anxiety to parents. A comprehensive assessment will highlight any difficulties that your baby may have.  Treatments are available for babies and young children with:

Neurological / Genetic conditions

We have many years of experience working with children with mild to complex neurological conditions.  A combination of several treatment approaches, and extensive knowledge of specialist equipment and orthotics, enables a tailor-made treatment programme for your child.  Appointments are available for children with:

Developmental Co-ordination Disorder / Dyspraxia

Difficulties with balance and co-ordination can impact a child in many ways and they can encounter challenges at both school and home.  Activities such as tying shoe laces, getting dressed, handwriting and P.E. can all pose a problem.

We are able to offer a comprehensive assessment of your child.  This will help us to establish where they may be having difficulties, impacting on school or home life.  Following an assessment, we can provide you with advice or exercises to aid your child's progress.  We are also able to visit your child at school, if required, and liaise with education. 

Lower limb / Walking problems

As a child develops from a newborn baby to an active teenager, the lower limb (leg) goes through several biomechanical changes.  Variations in walking patterns can be a cause for concern, and can sometimes cause pain. 

A thorough assessment will highlight areas in which Physiotherapy can benefit your child.  Common conditions may include:


Conditions affecting the respiratory system can be particularly debilitating. We have particular expertise in this area and can offer specialist assessment and treatment sessions for children with:

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Home and School visits

We are happy to come and see your child at home or in the school environment.  Please call us to book an appointment!




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